Police Services and Other Professional Contacts

(Law Enforcement Training Company – Instructor) “I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to instruct the PPCT training with you and your staff, they are a great bunch and you should be proud.  As mentioned previously, I have had experience with teaching numerous Security groups before. However, MacCon is by far one of the most professional and eager organizations I have had the pleasure to work with from a course point of view. It is great to interact with a great bunch of officers. Well Done!

(Event Supplier – President) “xxx has worked events with MacCon Incorporated’s Security Officers since they started in 1993. At all times the employees were dressed professionally and appropriate for the event. These type of events need to have someone dressed with  authority type clothing and attire as it helps to keep everything calm and running smoothly and public respect these Security Officers when they are dressed with authority. I have never seen any MacCon Security Officer abuse their position and they have always handled situations in a professional manner.”

(Calgary Police Service – Constable – District 1) “Thanks for the complimentary letter you sent to the Chief regarding the … Concert. I just got a copy today from Professional Standards. It was a pleasure working with you and your group. I’ve told others how impressed I was with your professional management and staff.  We may be working together soon on another event. I’m currently working on an Operational Plan for the … Festival on … I see you did it last year, and in discussions with the event planners I’ve recommended your company – again, due to your conduct at the …gig. I’ll look forward to working with you both in the future. Have a great day.”

(Calgary Police Service – Commander, District 8) “On behalf of CST. ? and CST. ?, I would like to extend my thanks to XXX. XXX and XXX of MacCon for the traffic assistance they provided on … While on their way home from work in the early morning of …, they observed a single vehicle traffic accident on Memorial Drive. Realizing that the vehicle was in a dangerous position, the three individuals took the initiative, stood in the pouring rain and used their cone lights to effectively warn and direct traffic until police arrived.  The three should be personally recognized for their efforts, as they were not working at the time.”

(City of Calgary Recreation – Festivals Coordinator) “Over the last four years it has been my pleasure to work with XXX and his staff from MacCon Inc. In my capacity as Event Coordinator with Calgary Recreation, it is very important to me that Festival and event planners be concerned with the security of people and production equipment.  I have always found XXX and his staff to have the same concern and they seem to strive to do better.  MacCon Inc is a professional company that is well worth considering.”

(Alberta Children’s Services – Minister) “Thank you so much for participating in our community dialogue session on the … issue. Your involvement in the event helped us have an open and transparent dialogue.  The sessions in Calgary and Edmonton were a positive first step toward the formulation of plans to make … (events) safer for Alberta’s young people.  Partnership is key to addressing this issue and groundwork in that regard was certainly laid during our working sessions.  Once again, thank you for your participation. Your enthusiastic response wand commitment to these community dialogues was very much appreciated and I enjoyed the opportunity to share the day with you.”

(Calgary Police Service – Tactical Unit Constable) “CST. ?  and the writer attended at … in downtown Calgary in response to a suspicious package being found.  Upon the arrival of the writer, it was determined that a large cordon would be necessary to ensure the safety of the citizens in the area.  While this task would prove to be onerous as a routine practice, it was magnified tremendously by the fact that rush hour had begun for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and also the …Festival was in full swing, with many events centered around the area of…  XXX and the staff under his supervision remained undaunted by this huge undertaking and proceeded to assist the writer and other police personnel in clearing the area and holding a cordon. XXX and his staff were friendly and helpful during the entire time the writer had the pleasure of dealing with them. Each request made by the writer was met with an enthusiastic response with a positive outcome.  The writer has no reservations whatsoever if the opportunity to work alongside XXX and his employees arises again in the future. The level of  professionalism shown and the willingness to facilitate any requests was met with a smile and dedication to complete the task.”

(Royal Canadian Mounted Police “K” Division – Sergeant) “Please consider this a letter of reference for MacCon Incorporated.  I was assigned the duty of RCMP Site Commander at …Concert in Nisku, Alberta. MacCon Inc were contracted to supply security for the event.  I worked closely with XXX and XXX preparing for the concert.  I found them to be knowledgeable and highly organized. During the actual show I found these individuals and their staff to be very professional in dealing with our members, as well as the public.  I give my full recommendation to MacCon Inc for similar events.”

(Event Equipment Supplier – President) “ XXX has been in business, serving Western Canada, since 1979.  During the past 20 years, our company has prided itself on establishing solid relationships with our customers and vendors.  Since we began our relationship with MacCon Inc over three years ago we feel that XXX has added another solid partner to our line-up.  I believe that what sets MacCon apart are their ability to provide services that go above and beyond the call of duty.  Unlike other Event Security Companies, MacCon has a clear technical understanding of the equipment that is used on-site. It is this comprehension that enables them to diagnose and solve problems without disrupting the continuity of an event.  Over the past three years, we have come to recognize MacCon Inc as the premier Security company in Calgary. They have established themselves as a knowledgeable, reliable and diligent company that is committed to getting the job done right. Clearly they are a crucial link in Calgary’s event industry and a valuable asset to (us).  Needless to say, I wholeheartedly give my  recommendations to MacCon Inc.”

(Canadian Crime Prevention Centre – Director of Operations) “For the past several years I have been in contact with the principals of MacCon Incorporated and have witnessed their work ethic, professionalism and dedication to customer service safety.  As a senior instructor with the Canadian Crime Prevention Centre I have also had the opportunity to train many police agencies and private security firms across North America and the UK. I would rate the training and screening process used by MacCon Incorporated as one of the best I have seen in the industry.  Their staff has always been aware of, not only their duties, but also the consequences of those duties and actions. MacCon has taken few steps that few private security firms usually take in the areas of training and staff education. Many of today’s security firms fail to recognize the value in well trained staff, along with the peace of mind this should give their clients, knowing they stand little likelihood of being sued for a wrongful arrest or worse.  As a professional that has experienced the best and worst of private security I would not hesitate to refer MacCon to and client or associate in need of safety and security services.”

(Convenience Store – Manager) “As store Manager of ?,  I would like to express my thanks to XXX of MacCon Incorporated whose actions may have prevented a robbery at this store.  Upon arrival in the early morning at this store, XXX observed a vehicle parked to the side of the building without plates and with a male occupant inside.  Across the street he noticed a woman watching the store.  When XXX entered the store he questioned our employee about the man in the vehicle and the woman across the street.  Our employee indicated that a man had been in earlier to buy cigarettes, but left the store indicating he needed to talk to his female companion and would return later to make his purchase. Our employee indicated that the man had not returned and that these two people were very possibly the same ones that had been at the store earlier.  It seems that these two probably never left but had been outside the whole time.  At that point, XXX called XXX who was with the Calgary Police Service working together at the old General Hospital site to notify them that the store was possibly being cased and that a robbery might occur.  XXX notified the police of the situation and they checked it out.  About that time, the male suspect entered the store. When he noticed the police questioning the woman across the street, he quickly bought a pack of gum and left the store.  I believe the quick thinking on the part of XXX prevented a robbery that was about to happen.  In appreciation of the actions that were taken, I am writing this letter of recommendation for MacCon Incorporated.”

(Royal Canadian Mounted Police “K” Division – Sergeant) “…. Event , held at …North of High River, was one of several outdoor music events held at this site.  MacCon Inc worked closely with the RCMP in providing over all security & control at this site.  I found MacCon Inc to be a well structured and organized group to work with.  I found the principles of this company to be very professional and flexible in their operation.  I would be very comfortable in working with MacCon Inc at other events.”

(World Police Fire Games) “Our sincerest gratitude and personal thanks for your commitment to the 1997 World Police and Fire Games”

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