MacCon Experience

With more than fifty combined years of security, medical, and logistics experience, the Management Team offers a wide array of expertise, a demonstrated commitment to public safety, and the most highly trained and professional staff in Alberta.

Our experience provides a proven track record in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Consistently, we realize our client’s and our own risks in achieving excellence with a balanced budget without negating risk. This commitment to cost controls and established timelines has resulted in our skill to offer tangible, measurable results that meet the goals and expectations for each client.

All of our clients receive the benefit of a full service, experienced security management company, consisting of our Management team, our Board of Advisors, current and former law enforcement officers, a world expert in deployment and CPTED, multiple specialty units, and our front line staff who are all dedicated and committed to excellence.

A diverse and inter-disciplinary team, our employees hold degrees and credentials in a broad range of disciplines spanning the fields of Firearms, Justice, Business Management, Medical Response, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, International Relations, Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Psychology and Hospitality Management.

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