MacCon was founded in 1995 and has grown into one of the leading private security companies specializing in high risk, high profile properties, venues and events in Alberta. Working major events with executive heads of state, religious figures, local events, cultural festivals, and private events, MacCon has had the good fortune to work with many great clients as well as local, federal, and foreign law enforcement agencies.

Our team of professionals possess decades of experience in organizing and executing strategic plans for major events and large-scale sites. As trained auditors and practitioners, we also employ Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques on all of our sites. We have a dedicated Training Unit that coordinates our ongoing training curriculum and continuously assesses needs and develops standards. MacCon has solid experience in providing threat and risk management, and expertise in responding to our clients needs. The reputation of the company continues to be found in its passion, attention to detail, vigilance and energetic drive.

With over 50 members in a variety of units, the company serves over 100 major events and permanent locations a year and offers numerous services with specialties in access control, crowd control, executive protection, public safety, site management, and security management. We understand that being the “toughest” is not the appropriate approach in security. Our focus is on conflict de-escalation, not inciting conflict.  Our training and policies support this underlying philosophy.

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