The MacCon Bike Unit has been in operation since 2008 with tremendous success. The unit was developed to increase patrol areas, increase visibility of security, and create faster response times. Bike patrols allow for greater flexibility in negotiating areas quickly and quiety compared to a patrol car. As a dynamic unit, the bike unit can be utilized for crowd control, traffic services, and a compliment to patrol services.

Every guard that joins the unit must have training and experience in the security industry. Guards must complete the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA) Certification Program - an internationally recognized course instructed by the Calgary Police Servce. The two day course involves practical and educational instruction on the operation and maintenance of mountain bikes, fitness, nutrition and techniques. MacCon Security furthers the LEBA program with an in-house training program to ensure that all guards are up to the highest standards of training for the unit.

Each guard is assigned a mountain bike with specialized equipment, and is responsible for maintenance and minor repairs of their own equipment. Each bike is equipped with a wide variety of items required during a regular patrol for both day and night. The unit can ride virtually any time of the year and is well prepared for all season service with all-weather kit. Rather than patrol in vehicles, the bike unit allows for a better connection to the community and a personal experience for each contact they make with the public.

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