Why Choose MacCon

LAW ENFORCEMENT LEVEL TRAINING - MacCon is renowned for its in-house staff training. Our training program provides you with the skills you require to complete your job with us safely and effectively.

Some of our training includes:

  • Legal Authority & Powers of Arrest
  • Conflict de-escalating / Verbal Judo
  • Self Defense
  • Restraints & Removals
  • Certified First Aid & CPR/AED
  • Officer safety, Crowd control, Traffic control
  • AGLC Regulations (Proserve & Protect)


INTERESTING SHIFTS - We supply safety services to most of the festivals and special events in the Calgary area and have provided security for international events and situations. We are recognized as the premier supplier of safety and security services for high profile, high risk events such as street festivals, concerts, corporate functions as well as dignitary visits.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING - MacCon offers flexible scheduling options. You can work as much or as little as you like! You can even keep a full time job elsewhere!

RESUME BUILDING - If you are looking for a position in law enforcement, the justice system or public safety, you can build your resume in a high profile, rewarding and challenging position with MacCon. Our staff often work side-by-side with emergency services, regulatory agencies and internationally recognized security professionals.

YOUR HARD WORK - RECOGNIZED - MacCon really does appreciate all of our employee’s! We offer milestone recognition based on training standards achieved and hours worked as well as other employee incentives!

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